G1 Carriage

Available in yellow, purple, orange, mint

G2 Baby

Available in pastel pink and purple

G3 Crayons


G4 Princess baby


G5 Baby with doll


G6 Baby exersaucer



G7 Smiling

Available in primary red/blue

Available with blond hair

G8 Dolly

Available with pink dress

G9 Dolly curly

Available with pink dress, blond or brown hair

G10 Paint

G11 Jump

Available in bright pink/periwinkle

G12 Cartwheel

Available with curly hair

G13 Swim girl
G14 Hula
G15 Dressup
G16 Nintendo
G17 Soccer

G18 Ballet

available in blond


G19 Music

Available primary colors

G20 Artist

G21 Dancer

Available in purple with red, black hair as well

G22 Hockey
G23 Ski
G24 Karate
G25 Bat Mitzvah
G26 Guitar girl
G27 Figure skate

G28 Shopper

Available with blond hair

G29 Cell & shop

Available with blond hair

G30 Piano
G31 Basketball girl
G32 Horseback rider
G33 Snowboarder
G34 Singer
G35 Raptor Girl
G36 Bicycle Girl
G37 UGG girl
G38 iPod girl
G39 Pool girl
G40 Grad girl
G41 Princess girl
G42 Bug Spray
G43 Camp Bed 1
G44 Camp Bed 2
G435 Camp guitar
G436 Camp multitask
G437 Waterski
X005 Baby Girl
X006 Girl
X007 Teen Girl


L1 Computer
L2 Business 1 curly
L3 Business 1 straight
L4 Business 2
L5 Business 2 glassess
L6 Accountant

L7 Artist
L8 Piano
L9 Nurse
L10 Doctor
L11 Teacher
L12 Real estate

L13 Baker
L14 Chef
L15 Hairdresser
L16 Manicurist
L17 Aesthetician
L18 Mrs Fixit

L19 Multitask computer
L20 Multitask cell
L21 Juggle stress baby
L22 Juggle stress
L23 Juggle Happy
L24 Phone

L25 Carpool
L26 Shop credit
L27 Shop
L28 Grocery
L29 Workout
L30 Golf

L31 Yoga
L32 Tennis
L33 Jog
L34 Dentist
L35 Movie Director
L36 Photgrapher
L37 Scuba
L38 Granny cook
L39 Business 3
L40 Pregnant lady
L41 Boxing lady 01
L42 Boxing lady 02
X008 Lady


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